6 Awesome Marketing Benefits of A2P SMS


Experts predict that the A2P market will be worth a massive $60.55 billion continuously by the year 2025, However, marketers aren’t investing intensely of their resources into this technology. Large brands are spending the majority of their financial plans on email automation, search engine optimization, and other old-school marketing techniques all things considered. What gives? Truly, A2P marketing is the future. It facilitates communication, improves engagement, and increases sales and sign-ups.

What is A2P SMS?

Application-to-person messaging – or A2P, for short – is an alternate sort of correspondence framework. In contrast to standard texts (one individual to the next informing), A2P users don’t expect the recipient to reply. Marketers can utilize this framework subsequently to convey customized messages to clients and clients.

Majority of businesses in all industries have started SMS messaging for their customer relationship management. From two-factor validation (2FA), high-volume cautions, warnings, arrangement updates, to a wide range of SMS showcasing efforts, SMS has turned into the most well-known method for contacting clients and gain their consideration. This informing is otherwise called application-to-individual, or A2P informing. Regardless of how and so on, what is significant here is that SMS is currently the most wanted correspondence channel among brands. Ventures like banking, monetary foundations, internet business, medical services, and diversion are broadly utilizing A2P SMS.

Benefits of A2P Messaging –

1. A2P is more effective than email

Studies have likewise shown that on average people reply to a SMS in 90 sec, while they need an hour and a half to respond to an email. A2P messages are delivered via a mobile network, which means they’re immediately available to be read on a smartphone or tablet. Messages sent via SMS tend to work more often because people have a greater chance of receiving them; this results in higher engagement rates for businesses compared to email marketing campaigns, which put you at a disadvantage if you can’t guarantee the inbox.

A2P is an area where brands can push messages directly to their target audience on the go. A2P messaging has a much better return on investment than other types of media, because it is inherently easier to measure and track. The speed of delivery, quality and price points of the message speaks for itself – it truly is more effective than email.

Moreover, average business SMS open rates are almost 5 times bigger than email open rates (20%), while the proportion between SMS and email response rates is even higher: 45% in contrast to 5%. The difference is more than evident.

2. A2P streamlines appointments

Entrepreneurs use A2P s to convey arrangement suggestions to clients in only seconds. A2P automates this entire process so there’s little human intervention. The result? Individuals get data about impending arrangements in a quick time period without any of the fuss.

Users can customize A2P messages so recipients receive personalized details about an upcoming booking directly on their smartphone – the type of appointment, the time of appointment, etc.

3. A2P is cost-effective

Computerized marketing these days has become expensive. Assuming that you compare how much money you have to invest in some computerized channels and the results, it seems some of them are not quite return for money invested effective. Informal organizations, for example, by persistently changing the rules of their game and becoming predominantly pay-to-play stages, are genuine examples.

More often than not, business-to-consumer messaging has become a necessary tool for businesses to get their message out to the market. A2P is an effective way for businesses to deliver their messages and reach out to new clients.

Then again, SMS has proved to be the most affordable direct marketing channel. One of the reasons we have mentioned earlier: extremely high success rates. Did you realize consumers redeem SMS coupons 10 times more than other types of coupons? Not terrible!

4. A2P delivers messages fast

One more advantage of A2P marketing is the speed by which marketers can convey significant messages to clients and customers.

Research shows SMS messaging, or texting has the highest open and navigate rates, and very low CPS (cost per SMS sent). SMS open rates are as high as 98%, response rates are above 40%, while 95% of all SMS are open and read in 3 minutes or less!

Brands will have much less extension to make themselves clear obviously. However, this is something to be thankful for.

5. A2P is not expensive

Promoting a business can be costly. Investing in A2P will provide brands with a return on their investment. Not exclusively will they save money on mail costs with this technology, however but they also won’t have to deal with postal delays and letters going missing.

It’s safe to say then that A2P is a cost-effective marketing channel that brands can incorporate into their business for growth and engagement.

6. A2P in numbers

No other messaging channel today has success rates, as discussed above. Consequently, A2P SMS market is developing steadily and is estimated to be valued at $70.32 billion by 2020. Furthermore, experts say that the number of enterprise messages will be 2.8 trillion by 2022, a development rate of 4.6% CAGR from 2017, and that means that business messaging will represent 25% of the entire worldwide SMS traffic.

In the event that you are as yet not utilizing A2P SMS to communicate with your clients, this is the ideal opportunity!


These are the marketing benefits of A2P messages. If advertisers have any desire to smooth out arrangements, improve open rates, get their messages across fast, and save money, this messaging technology can definitely provide them with a fast and secure solution. Feel free to contact us for A2P SMS Services.