Logistics And Transport

In the logistics and transportation industry, outperform rising client expectations.

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Logistics and transport in numbers

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In order to fuel industry growth, maximum industry leaders are focusing on improving customer experience. Despite this, there are respondents who are unable to describe a differentiated customer experience.


The major challenge for logistics and transportation industries is digital transformation. A lack of digital culture and training, according to half of the enterprises in the industry.

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A global shipment may include over 200 exchanges between businesses and customers. To enable interactions when and when customers want them, a conversational message strategy is essential.


Consumer expectations are shifting due to the rapid rise of e-commerce. Delivery is expected within hours, with a zero-fiction service level available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Increased connectivity is one of the most significant revolutions in the automotive sector. We have the means to make it happen, from connected cars to connected customers.

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Freight transport

Improving the customer experience is still a crucial strategy for the transportation industry’s success. Personalized customer interactions, such as delivery alerts, customer service, and conversational AI, are possible with our solutions.


Postal and parcel services

Postal and parcel services must improve customer experience and transparency in order to meet rising customer expectations. That is exactly what our communication and customer service solutions provide.