Security at Beenet Communication


We work for some of the most famous companies in the world. In many cases, their ability to communicate is critical to their success. As a key provider in an ever-changing industry, BEENET is always looking for new ways to combine flexibility with security, availability, and compliance.

From our Network Operations Center, where personnel are on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our analysts are continually checking security, performance, and connectivity to suppliers and customers . This group is ready to respond promptly and effectively to any circumstance.

All BEENET services are hosted in privately owned and operated environments. All data is under BEENET’s entire control, including how it is delivered, encrypted, and read. Our services are not developed or delivered via public cloud services. The usage of cloud services provided by third parties in the workplace is governed by a distinct cloud policy. This means that only services that have been hired and approved by BEENET are allowed.

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To improve our infrastructure, coding techniques, general security, and the efficacy of our monitoring systems, BEENET integrates the findings of real-time monitoring, planned testing by our internal auditing department, and external testing by reputable third parties.

BEENET is equipped with a sophisticated integrated management system. Information security, risk management, disaster recovery, business continuity, backups, privacy, quality management, and our environmental effect are all covered by this management system.

BEENET’s platform is designed to meet the most stringent security standards. Every team within BEENET places a strong priority on security. All staff members are trained on their obligations to contribute to the security of BEENET, its partners, and its customers, and clear security rules are provided.

After gaining new insights based on (external) training, publications, or recent occurrences, BEENET actively encourages the exchange of security and secure coding related knowledge.

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