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Reliable SMS Messaging for Business Communication

Keep customers engaged and informed with SMS. Reach your target audience worldwide and increase conversion and service.

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Get your SMS delivered instantly around the globe in no time.

Best tool for marketing

Start sending messages instantly with SMS API code and API key with fully supported codes and proper documentation.

Customer Support

With state of the art dashboard all queries of the customer can be answered on time everytime.

Best tool for marketing

Best tool for marketing: With selected target audience marketing messages can be sent via campaigns with mobile landing pages for better customer experience .

Reliable ontime everytime sms messaging

Increase your customer engagement with security and customer satisfaction with our platform made to achieve scale and precision on delivery

Start conversation via SMS Messages worldwide

SMS technology has been with us for a long time now , with tried and tested deliverability of 98% rate, SMS messages beat email in customer reachability. BEENET SMS Gateway is user friendly easy to upload and bulk text messages across the globe.

Bind your website or application to our API or use our Cloud application and software interface for reliable global messaging and get benefits with multiple direct carrier connections to deliver your SMS.

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SMS for any business use case throughout the globe

One time passwords

OTP SMS can be used to grant access, verify identity, or securely communicate information.


With SMS marketing, you can get people to take action at every point of the marketing funnel.

Secure updates

Send crucial or timely messages to your users via text messaging.


Customers should receive notifications, updates, and alerts when they need them.


SMS can be used to lower the donation barrier for fundraising.

One clear dashboard for all configuration and analytics

API settings

Messaging Gateway

Our SMS Gateway API is simple to incorporate into your system. Our SMS API code and your API key may be found in the Messaging Gateway app, allowing you to send and receive SMS messages in minutes.

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Messaging Log

Get thorough information about your website’s traffic. So you can stay in complete control of your SMS traffic. Messaging Log gives precise information on the status, content, and cost of all your sent and received messages.

Messaging log to peek into your SMS traffic

All of your sent and received messages are tracked in the Messaging Log, which gives you full information on their status, content, and cost.

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BEENET Communications provides global aggregators, MNOs, and enterprise clients with Ontime and Reliable Messaging solutions. A2P Messaging (Application-to-Person Messaging) refers to SMS messages delivered from a business to a person. It is also known as Retail SMS or enterprise SMS. A2P Messaging, unlike P2P (Peer-to-Peer) messaging, enables businesses to automate text SMS for appointment reminders, two-factor authentication, SMS notifications, SMS-based marketing, offers, and more. Businesses can use A2P messaging to fuel features like CRM campaign tracking, multi-channel support discussions, and customised marketing outreach. We provide affordable A2P SMS Services.

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HLR (Home Location Register) is a database that contains various information about all of the mobile subscribers of a mobile network such as the mobile numbers, services, whether the numbers have been ported to another network and similar information. Home Location Register is a service that dynamically contacts a central database (on the operator’s side) that contains details of each mobile phone subscriber authorised to use the GSM core network. Contact us for HLR Lookup services.

SMS Bulk

Bulk SMS

Mass messaging service allows businesses to send out messages in Bulk to large audience. The process of sending is very simple and easy to understand and anybody can send Bulk SMS to a huge number of audiences just by single click. As an Bulk SMS service provider we provide Bulk SMS Service across the globe.

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SMSC Gateway or SMPP Platform Operator & Enterprise Level Messaging Application.

Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) is used as an access protocol, or SMS API, by SMS gateways around the world. Other SMS APIs such as HTTP, HTTPs and XML are also often offered. SMPP is however preferable to these other SMS APIs. This is due to it being ideal where significant volumes of SMS are sent and/or received, when an industry standard protocol is preferable for development and maintenance purposes. In SMPP terminology an SMS gateway is referred to as a Routing Entity (RE), however they may be referred to as an External Short Message Entity (ESME) in the context of the SMPP communication with an SMSC.

SMS gateways are used to bridge between applications that need to send and/or receive SMS and a mobile network’s Short Message Service Center (SMSC). As a result, SMS gateways provide a means of sending and receiving SMS between applications and mobile users. Providers of SMS gateway services include SMS aggregators, MNOs and MVNOs.

Send SMS messages from your own platform using the business messaging API. Individual and transactional messages should be sent via the business messaging API.

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Messages API

You may use the messages API to send messaging campaigns to groups of people. To send comparable messages to a wide number of people, use the messages API.

SMS Reseller

SMS Reseller

Join our Reseller program and start your own SMS business by offering sub accounts to your end customers. Become Bulk SMS Reseller now.

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API Messaging

Our SMS APIs is Secure, Reliable and Robust and can easily integrate with any application.


Web Interface

BEENET Web Panel allows you to send text messages in Bulk from your Computer, Tablet and Mobile as long as your devices are connected to the internet.


Campaign Tracking

Just like email marketing, BEENET allows you to track your campaigns and shows how many people clicked through your short links, attachments, and surveys. This helps you monitor response rates in real-time.

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SMS Distributor

Join our Reseller program and start your own Business ! Become a Bulk SMS distributor and start offering our services to your resellers and end customers.